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The Manes and Miracles Mission

“Jennifer Herbst is our amazing PT for 2.5 years now. When she first started coming to our house our daughter loathed her bc PT was hard and it hurt. That all changed once we started incorporating the horses into her PT and now Jenn is so very loved! I cannot stress how valuable the work Manes And Miracles provides with all their wonderful therapists to these sweet kiddos.”

Manes and Miracles is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to improving the lives of children in Arizona’s East Valley who have physical, mental, and emotional disabilities by providing a first-rate therapy facility with unique, effective, and highly motivating tools such as equines, and soon to include an aquatic therapy pool, and indoor and outdoor play gyms. We aim to affordably enhance the lives of those we serve through the connections they share with our specially trained horses, committed therapist partners, and caring volunteers.  

Manes and Miracles is passionate about creating positive relationships through volunteer opportunities, fundraising events, community outreach, and meaningful collaborations with other physical and mental health service providers. This generous support network makes it possible for Manes and Miracles to provide scholarships, develop additional programs, and continually improve our clients’ experiences. We honor the support of our community by using our resources prudently and transparently.

“Kendyl has a special love for animals and PT.”

Manes and Miracles in the News

Read about Manes and Miracles in the April 2021 issue of the Queen Creek Independent by clicking the image above.
Co-Founder and Director of Operations, Lindsey Pittman, shares the Manes and Miracles story on Closer Look with Dan Beck on K-LOVE Radio. Click the image above to listen.