Sensory Garden

Gardens have MANY proven benefits for kids of all abilities.  Fine motor skills are developed digging in the dirt, core is strengthened as they reach and bend, sensory sensitivities are over come as they experience a wide variety of textures.  One of the best ways to help a child overcome food aversions is to allow them to be a part of food making process.  When they can watch and assist in the fascinating growth, development, and preparation of their food, children are more apt to try new dishes.

Caring for a garden has many psychological benefits that can lift moods and lower anxiety.  Looking after plants gives a sense of responsibility.  Gardening allows us to be nurturers, to have concern and connection to other living things.  Many emotions can be worked through safely in the churning of soil and nurturing of plants.  Manes and Miracles plans to provide a place where our visitors, many of whom suffer with anxiety, will be able to contribute to something bigger than themselves, learn valuable skills, and be able to literally see the positive fruits of their patience and efforts!

Please contact us for more information on how you can sponsor some or all of our sensory garden!