Miracle Makers

Diamond Donors $10,000+

The most exclusive level of donor, Diamond Level Donors have gifted $10,000+ within a season and we are eager to show our appreciation for this immense generosity. Diamond Donors will have a logo featured on the Manes and Miracles truck and website, as well as a 4’x10′ banner in the Manes and Miracles Sensory Track, each proudly displayed for 3 years. Diamond Level donors are invited to the annual End of Season Barbecue for M&M clients, therapists, and volunteers where they will receive a 9×12″ plaque with a plate acknowledging each year of reaching this level. This is also where the 12″x15″ Diamond Level plaque is revealed for the season and indefinitely placed on display on the Wall of Miracle Makers located within the sensory gym and Manes and Miracles offices.

Platinum Donors $5,000- $9,999

Platinum Donors are also invited to the End of Season Barbecue where they will be recognized with their own annually updated 8″x10″ Platinum Donor plaque and the 9″x12″ season specific Platinum Donor plaque which will be on permanent display in the Manes and Miracles offices and sensory gym. Your logo will also be prominently displayed on the Manes and Miracles truck, in the donor sections of the Manes and Miracles website, and on a 4’x 10′ banner displayed within our sensory track for 2 years. 

Gold Donors $3,000- $4,999

Gold Donors are recognized on the Gold Level Donors board at Manes and Miracles, have a 2’x 4′ banner on display in our therapeutic riding arena or sensory track, and will be recognized on our website for 1 year.  You will also receive a 7″x 9″ recognition plaque from Manes and Miracles indicating your Gold Level Donor status and thanking you for your generosity.

Silver Donors $1,000 – $2,999

Silver Level Donors will be recognized on the Silver Donors board displayed at Manes and Miracles and be included in at least two social media posts on Manes and Miracles sites.  They will also receive an 8″x10″ certificate from Manes and Miracles expressing appreciation for their support.

Bronze Donors $250 – $999

Bronze Donors will have the name they choose (personal, family, In-Honor-Of, or business) displayed on the Bronze Donor board in the Manes and Miracles offices and Sensory Gym.

Diamond Donors

Our deep appreciation for the generosity of:

Julie Neuman, Sponsor of The Julie Neuman Sensory Gym at Manes and Miracles

Platinum Donors

Gold Donors

Silver Donors 2020-2021 Season

  • 1 Stop 4 Promos
  • Arleen Armstrong
  • Karen Backus
  • Leah Bokinsky
  • Tim Bokinsky
  • CBRE
  • D Lamereaux Farms
  • Dyas Family
  • Allen & Chelsea Erickson
  • Vicki Friedricks
  • Groves Family
  • Dorothy Hamilton
  • Herbst PT
  • Home Depot
  • Bradley Horton
  • Irwin Family
  • Cody & Courtney Johnson
  • McFarland Family
  • Mechanicool
  • Andrea Middleton
  • Midwest Food Bank
  • Arica Millbrath
  • Michael Minson
  • Palich Family
  • Bob & Diana Tacey
  • Deborah White
  • Wilbourn Family
  • Steve & Trish Wilson

Bronze Horseshoe Donors 2020-2021

  • Eric & Tiffany Anders
  • Robert & Cheryll Anders
  • Connie Anderson
  • Lonnie & Krisann Arthur
  • Jason Backus
  • Linda Bergren Gray
  • Nick & Stacey Bluth Family
  • Bryan & Catrina Bowers
  • Curtis & Lorie Briggs
  • Catherine Castelluccio
  • Carl & Lori Case
  • Kevin & Jan Chugg
  • Costa Vida, Queen Creek
  • Tyler Deramos
  • Jacqueline Dombrowski
  • Kelly Dykstra
  • Jabon Eager
  • Zach & Nicole Earhart
  • Linda Earhart
  • ELS Landscaping
  • Kathleen Fanning
  • Linda Gerchick
  • Steve Gray
  • Harrah’s Ak Chin Resort & Casino
  • Caroline Hopkins
  • Rebecca Kirkpatrick
  • Shirley Knight
  • Lisa Larsen Archer
  • Taylor Liberator
  • Natalie Lull
  • Making Milestones
  • Ernesto Marquez
  • Jim Meseroll
  • Crystal Miller
  • Tim Molander
  • Neil & Leslie Nebeker
  • Alan Nebeker
  • Heidi Nebeker
  • Braymil Pavlovic
  • PayPal Giving Fund
  • Raymond Poteet
  • Leanne Pugh
  • Deb Rawlins
  • Rio Electric
  • Teri Roberts
  • Rogue Wraps
  • Rosatti’s Pizza
  • Ester Ruiz
  • Jackie Taylor
  • Time After Time Photography
  • Cresta Topol
  • Truckwurx
  • Caroline Vega
  • Mikenzie Whetstone
  • Christina Wilson
  • Chuck & Margie Wilson
  • Kim Wilson