Meet the Herd

Prima was donated February 2019 by Karen Hefner. Thank you!


Graciously Sponsored by RISE Learning Academy

  • Foaled January 1, 1999
  • Mare / Paint / Mini Horse
  • Weighs: 217 lbs
  • Max carrying weight: 44 lbs

Many kids come out to visit the ranch for the first time surprised and overwhelmed at how big full size horses are in real life. Prima’s very gentle and patient nature makes her the perfect friend to introduce timid children to equines. Though she is too small and bouncy for riders, she is cart trained!

We are thankful to the David and Sarah Assay Family for sharing Lucky with Manes and Miracles since 2018


Graciously Sponsored By Mechanicool Air Conditioning, Heating, and Ventilation

  • Foaled December 30, 2000
  • Gelding/Paint/American Quarter Horse
  • Weighs: 970 Lbs
  • Max Carrying Weight: 195 lbs

Lucky is a gentle sweetheart who has been helping special needs children for many years. His steady, calm demeanor makes him perfect for working in an environment so different from what horses may experience in the wild. Nothing can shake this guy and WE are the lucky ones to have him!

Johnny has been serving kids at Manes and Miracles since 2018 thanks to the Dyas Family

Johnny Ringo

Graciously Sponsored by the Dyas Family

  • Foaled April 30, 2011
  • Gelding / Sorrel / Thoroughbred
  • Weighs: 1176 lbs
  • Max Carrying Weight: 235 lbs

Serving children anywhere from 3-21 years old means that sometimes we have kids that need a bigger horse to support them. Johnny is just the guy for the job! Though he was a race horse in his younger years, he is much more content to plod around our sensory track at an easy pace then to use those long legs with any bit of speed or competition!

Dakota is shared with Manes and Miracles by the David & Sarah Asay Family since 2018 Photo Credit: Jabon Eager Photography


Graciously Sponsored By Mila & Family

  • Foaled April 3, 2011
  • Mare / Paint / American Quarter Horse
  • Weighs: 1,052 lbs
  • Max Carrying Weight: 210 lbs

Dakota is an energetic clown! She loves the affection of anyone who will give her a scratch. She is very playful and gets bored in her stall all day, so working with kids is great for helping her burn all that energy! Her best friends are Harley and Lucky.

Thanks to Dalia Milan for donating Teddy to Manes and Miracles in 2019. Photo Credit: Jabon Eager Photography

Bonitas Lime Cooler, aka “Teddy”

AVAILABLE FOR SPONSORSHIP! Click here for more details!

  • Foaled 5/3 /1998
  • Gelding / Sorrel / American Quarter Horse
  • Weighs: lbs
  • Max Carrying Weight: lbs

Teddy has the sweetest demeanor; nothing fazes him! A retired barrel racer, he was ready for the slower pace of life on the Manes and Miracles Ranch. Kids love his easy going personality, but don’t let that fool you! He made sure the other horses knew he wasn’t going to be pushed around and despite his smaller size, he has taken his turn as the leader of the herd! Teddy is looking for a sponsor to help cover feed and care. Could it be you??

Deborah White donated her beloved Scooter to Manes and Miracles in 2019 and has sponsored him ever since!


Graciously Sponsored By Deborah White

  • Foaled 1/1/1999
  • Gelding / Paint / American Quarter Horse
  • Weighs: 1023 lbs
  • Max Carrying Weight: 204 lbs

After years in the rodeo circuit as a barrel racer, Scooter is one responsive horse! The kids get a kick out of the way he’ll nod “yes” to questions… but only if you have a treat in your hand! He is a gentle soul, leaving you wondering what deep thoughts he is pondering and hoping you’ll be lucky enough to be worthy of his trust and affection.

Harley has been at the Ranch courtesy of the Pittman family since 2018

Harley Quinn

Sponsorship Available! Click HERE for more details!

  • Foaled July 2, 2018
  • Mare / Grulla / American Quarter Horse
  • Weight: lbs
  • Max Carrying Weight: lbs

Harley came to Manes and Miracles when she was just five months old. Guests have loved watching her grow into the most affectionate horse at the ranch. She loves to sidle up to guests in hopes that she will get a good rubbing of her withers; she’ll reward the rubber with lip wiggles of appreciation! Despite her young age, she has an old soul: grounded and happy to go with the flow.


Sponsored by the Taylor Family

Kidding Date: Unknown

EXPECTED TO KID: End of June 2020! Follow along on Facebook for birthing updates and send her a baby shower gift!

Doe / Mini Nubian

Piper came to us in 2019 after having sustained a leg injury at her former home. She walks with a little limp, but it doesn’t slow her down from making sure she is right next to any human friend she can get next to! Actually, the fact that she is so very loved helps our guests see that not all bodies work the same way, yet someone with a body that works differently is still very lovable and capable of so much!

Wanette Wilson brought Dudley over for some extra room and love in 2020.


Available for Sponsorship! More details on sponsorship HERE.

Kidding Date: Unknown

Wether (castrated male) / Mixed breed

Dudley is such a funny guy. He loves a attention almost as much as he loves trying to sneak tender tree bark and leaves! He gets excited whenever his head is rubbed in hopes of a playmate. Goats are such easy friends to love and Dudley is no different.

Houdini: With us just a short time before completing his final disappearing act January 2020
Duchess: The sweetest Arabian was a perfect horse! Retired May 2020 at 30 years old.
Cowboy was always a favorite until he was ready to retire at 25 years old in May 2020