About Manes and Miracles

Manes and Miracles was founded by Matt and Lindsey Pittman in early 2018.  Matt had enjoyed a 16 year career in law enforcement serving the citizens of Gilbert, Arizona and Weber County, Utah.  He loved the chance to help people who weren’t able to solve their problems on their own.  He loved the thrill of the job.  He loved the camaradarie of working with great men and women whom he knew would back him in any circumstance.  He pushed himself in every aspect of the job: he was on the SWAT team, was a traffic officer specializing on motorcycles, he was a certified Drug Recognition Officer, a Field Training Officer, on his was to being a certified Accident Reconstruction Expert, and more.  He took pride in what he did and it was a large part of his identity.  He had high hopes and big plans for his career, but none of those plans included the events of August 10, 2015.

Matt had only been a few hours into his shift that Monday morning when he stopped a man who was speeding through a school zone.  Unbeknownst to Matt, this man had quite a rap sheet and a determination to never return to jail.  Tragically, Matt had to make a split second decision that has haunted him ever since.  Matt came away from that fateful incident with a broken back and a PTSD diagnosis, both of which he has been working hard to heal from ever since.  After a year of fighting for his recovery, he had to make the difficult move to retire from law enforcement.  He was devastated, but had to acknowledge that his injuries would never let him return to the life that he had so loved.  He continued to seek treatment and eventually was deemed “stable” and told he was unable to return to work in any avenue.

Matt couldn’t accept that this was as good as he was going to get.  He was determined that there was more he had to offer regardless of what his doctors were telling him.  He began volunteering at a Hippotherapy facility at the end of 2017 and immediately fell in love with what was being done there.  He primarily helped with children with disabilities and stroke patients.  Each session, the results were incredible and he was once again able to help those who weren’t able to solve their problems on their own.  Working with the horses brought a peace to his troubled heart that he hadn’t been able to find anywhere else.  Then suddenly and completely unexpectedly, in early 2018 several things fell into place that encouraged us to open an equine therapy facility to bring that healing to even more people who struggle with those same kinds of emotional and mental difficulties as we had experienced.  We wanted to help provide the same kinds of miracles for others as Matt had seen for himself and with the support of the community and many wonderful partners, we are doing just that!  Welcome!